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Partnerships are everything. Because of this, we are proud to list here some partners that honestly, without their help, our work would be a lot more difficult if not impossible (listed in alphabetical order).

Fast Forward Mississippi

Fast Forward Mississippi is the branded outreach effort stemming from the Mississippi Brain Drain Commission. The mission of the effort is to stem the loss of Mississippi's intellectuals to other states and thus elevate the standard of living, economic development, and quality of life. For more information, click here

Innovate Mississippi

Innovate Mississippi works to drive innovation and technology-based economic development for the State of Mississippi. They are focused on assisting innovation-based startups companies, connecting entrepreneurs with investors, and strengthening Mississippi's manufacturing and renewable energy innovation economies. For more information, please click here.  

Mississippi Development Authority - Asset Development Division

MDA's asset development division helps empower Mississippi communities in building on their existent assets. The division helps communities recognize their unique assets -- such as distinct cultural heritage offerings, natural resources, creative talent, or small town lifestyles -- and supports them as they develop those assets to increase their competitiveness and improve their quality of place. For more information, click here

Mississippi Library Commission (MLC)

The MLC is committed -- through leadership, advocacy, and service -- to strengthening and enhancing libraries and library services for all Mississippians. MLC has been an excellent partner coordinating and facilitating our efforts with public libraries across the state. For more information, click here.

National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA)

The NDIA is a unified voice for local technology training, home broadband access, and public broadband access programs. They work collaboratively to craft, identify, and disseminate financial and operational resources for digital inclusion programs while serving as a bridge to policymakers and the general public. For more information on NDIA click here.