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Intelligent Community Outreach Program

Educating rural communities about the digital age and its implications is critical. Relying on the traditional community development asset-mapping approach, this program will help rural communities identify their assets and needs to transition to a digital mindset. The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) framework is used as a roadmap. The duration of this program will vary per community but at a minimum it will last 18 to 24 months.


(1)Increase awareness among rural areas of what the digital age is and its implications.

(2)Help communities in rural areas transition to, plan for, and prosper in the digital age through an educational planning process using ICF’s framework.

Transitioning to the digital age implies thinking and acting digitally. This means understanding the digital, exponential, combinatorial[1], and disruptive[2] characteristics of the digital age and its implications for businesses, governments, and citizens. More importantly, it implies adapting.

The community will be the driver of this effort relying on local champion(s). A local champion(s) will coordinate and facilitate this process and can be an extension agent(s) or other interested local stakeholder(s). The Institute will function primarily as a facilitator and a partner.

The program consists of four steps (see below). Prior to implementing the four steps however, a contact person or group should be setup to ensure efficient communication and coordination with the Institute. The local champion(s) should be part of this contact group.

  1. Increase awareness through presentations to local stakeholders
  2. Complete Intelligent Community checklist
  3. Implement & document findings and recommendations of the checklist report
  4. Once a reasonable amount of time has passed to document outputs and outcomes, if the community decides so the Institute can nominate the community for the Intelligent Community annual awards

For more information on this program, please contact Dr. Roberto Gallardo via email at


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[2] Mcquivey, J. (2013). Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation. Amazon Publishing